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Why Sessional Kinder?

Here’s how your child will benefit from a sessional Kinder program

We follow a sessional program here at Hurlingham as we feel that this format is entirely focused on what is best for the child, preparing them for life beyond Kinder



It’s not all about the education. Whilst this is important, there are many skills that 3 and 4 year olds need to be armed with to take them successfully off to school and the big world.

Sessional Kinder refers to starting and finishing a Kinder session at a set time for all children. Within that session all children follow the same structure, and experience the same education program at the same time. Just like school.

In doing this, your child benefits from a predictable routine and form friendships that remain consistent for the year, which helps give them a sense of security, in turn encouraging them to focus on their learning, development and confidence. Educators can respond to the group and work with their thoughts and feelings that might arise when learning a new theme.

The advantage for parents and families is meeting the other children and parents at drop off and pick up times, forming new friendships and involvement in the community.

We feel strongly that sessional Kinder is the best preparation for school, but we also realise that set drop off and pick up times don’t always work for families every day. Many children at Hurlingham also attend long day care centres on days they are not at Hurlingham, and gain the benefits of both, with a wide circle of friends and flexible childcare to suit parents and busy family life.

Preparing for School

School readiness can often be underestimated in its importance for children moving into prep.

Our daily structure is similar to school, so when your 4 year old starts they are already accustomed to a school day format. The majority of our 4 year old children go on to Gardenvale Primary and St Finbar’s Primary schools, which means they stay with their Kinder friends. We work closely with both schools during the 4 year old Kinder year by attending different events and assisting with orientations to help ease the children into their Prep year.

Learning about Lunchboxes

Trying to manage a healthy lunchbox is a skill in itself – what do I eat when? How do I open this container? What does your child like to eat in their lunchbox? Our children all bring their own lunchbox to Kinder which follow our Healthy eating guidelines, they all learn how to manage their lunchbox and Mum and Dad learn what gets eaten and what doesn’t! We also see that our Healthy eating Policy continues through to school lunchboxes, as that is what the children have been used to.

We are passionate about the benefits of sessional kinder and would love to answer any further questions you have. Please contact us to discuss or to have a tour.

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