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The Staff at Hurlingham Preschool

The Staff at Hurlingham Preschool
Deanne Millar– Director, Nominated Supervisor, Educational Leader and Teacher of Koala & Wombat

Dee joined us as Director and teacher of the 4 year old groups in 2015.   Dee’s passion for early childhood education grew out of watching her own children blossom.  She embarked on her learning journey, which continues 18 years later.  Dee believes, ‘Each day you have the opportunity to offer students the world, to give them life- changing knowledge and experiences.  Relish the possibilities.’    She is looking forward to working with families to ignite a love of learning in our children that they can carry into school and beyond.

“As the educational leader it is my role to inspire, motivate and guide our teaching team along a path of continuous improvement ensuring our knowledge and practice are exemplary. This is a collaborative endeavour involving research and reflection, to provide the best possible outcomes in the important work our educators do with the children and families of Hurlingham Preschool.”

Orlinda Alla– Teacher of Echidna & Wombat Groups

Orlinda started with Hurlingham in 2017 as the Platypus Group teacher, before then moving into the Echidna and Wombat teaching roles. Orlinda’s teaching philosophy is to engage in positive relationships with each child and their family throughout the year to ensure growth and achievement in all areas of their learning journey. She believes that all children learn and develop at their own pace. As their teacher, she will strive to create and maintain a safe, supportive and enriched environment in which all children can feel socially, emotionally and physically safe and valued. Once they feel safe and supported then they will thrive while exploring the world around them.

Natalie Cromer– Teacher of Platypus Group

Natalie joins our fabulous teaching team in 2018 as the teacher in the Platypus Group. Natalie believes that Kindergarten is one of the most important learning experiences for a young child. Not only do they develop crucial social skills, but the majority of their learning experiences are through play. As a teacher, Natalie believes it is her responsibility to provide each child with the environment, skills and opportunity to experience and learn through their individual interests.

Pam Moulton– Educator of Koala & Wombat Groups

Pam commenced at Hurlingham in June 2014. Pam is passionate about the education of pre-school children. She loves the way that children absorb everything around them and their enthusiasm for learning.

Christine Driscoll- Educator of Echidna, Wombat & Platypus Groups

Chris has been at Hurlingham since 2006 and loves working with children. Chris has a belief that nurturing leads to children feeling safe and supported so that they can grow into capable and confident learners. Chris is passionate about our community and your children.

Elaine Moore– Administrator

Elaine has been involved with the kinder since 2007, when her son, Andrew, attended and then again in 2010 with her daughter Jessica. It was during Jessica’s time at kinder that Elaine joined the committee as a class rep and then the enrolment officer. It was towards the end of Jessica’s kinder time that Elaine saw an opportunity to continue her relationship with Hurlingham and took on the role as the office administrator.

Sam Jensen-Muir- Operations and Enrolments Manager

Sam became involved with the kinder when her first child started at Hurlingham in 2007. She was Enrolment Officer for 2 years before taking on the role of President. After 6 consecutive years at the kinder with her 3 children, the Committee asked her to stay on and become the Operations and Enrolments Manager. Sam believes Hurlingham epitomises the best of community kinder, creates a special environment for the children and their families and enjoys working with the wonderful team of educators.