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The Hurlingham Annual Art Show

On Sunday 21st October, the families across our four groups gathered at the Gardenvale Primary School Senior Campus for the Hurlingham Annual Art Show 2018

The theme this year was “The Sky is the Limit“.

The children have been working hard for weeks on their creations, inspired by the artistic works and big ideas of Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and most importantly, themselves.

Families gathered with a morning tea to mingle amongst the artwork, listen to a talk from Dee explaining the art exhibition and meet the Gardenvale Primary School Principal Mr Chant welcoming parents to the school.

So what was in the art show?

Wombat’s Group Self Portraits Picasso Style

Following the style of Picasso’s portrait ‘Girl before a Mirror’, the children drew their own self portrait in oil pastel on paper. We asked them to consider the colour of their eyes and hair.

Koala’s Group Self Portraits – Leonardo da Vinci style

Following the trend in Renaissance portrait paintings where objects were added to the background to tell a story, the children have added their favourite things around a drawing of themselves.

Wombat’s Collage

Wombat Group have loved making music and putting on performances using guitar props and so Picasso’s ‘Blue Guitar’ seemed the perfect choice. Several layers of paint were added over tape, then finished with paper pieces.

Koala’s Sculptures

Koala Group has loved reading the Hairy Maclary series of books and they have chosen their favourite character to make from salt dough and painted. This 3D figure was added to a painted scene from the story.

Wombat’s Group Canvas – ‘Wacky Wednesday’

The Wombat children have loved the Dr Seuss story ‘Wacky Wednesday’, so it was easy to decide what they wanted this collaborative work to be about – each child has chosen a wacky happening from the book to add to this scene.

Koala’s Group Canvas – ‘We are Bubups’

The Koala children have loved the indigenous stories told to them during the year and chose this one for their art work. It is about how Port Philip Bay was formed – When the people were not looking after the land, the water or the children (Bubups), the ocean became very angry and with huge waves flooded the land. When the people promised they would take more care, the ocean calmed but kept some of the land as a reminder to always follow Benjil’s Lore and look after the land and the water but especially the bubups.

Echidna’s Canvas Artwork ‘Spring has Sprung’

Inspired by Spring, the children have painted and collaged their own blossom tree. For a truly personal touch, the children decided whether to add their footprint or handprint.

Platypus Artwork – ‘Platypus Dreaming’

The children have designed and drawn their own pillow using watercolours and markers on calico.


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