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Sustainability at Hurlingham Preschool

Sustainability is part of our philosophy and a core value at Hurlingham Preschool. It underpins our program and decision-making processes

How is sustainability embedded at Hurlingham?

  • The educators continuously have discussions with the children around sustainability and follow their interests in the environment
  • We are part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program which supports our educators as they embed healthy eating and sustainability into our educational programs
  • We have our own veggie garden which our students care for and use the produce in their cooking sessions
  • We ask all staff and students to embrace ‘nude food’. Nude food is food that is healthy and environmentally friendly, without packaging. We ask all the children and staff to bring rubbish free meals and snacks You can find out more about Nude Food here
  • We are a part of the Don’t Feed the Bin campaign. All the children put food scraps in our compost buckets at meal times and then these scraps go into the worm farm. You can find out more about the Don’t Feed the Bin campaign here
  • We use rainwater tank water to water our garden
  • We have a wormfarm that the children care for and tend
  • We provide a recycling bin for our families for tricky items such as batteries, lightbulbs, hard packaging etc that we then take to the Bayside Council for recycling