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A policy is an agreed set of decisions with a common purpose that provides information about what we do/do not do and, in some cases, what we cannot do. Hurlingham Pre-School (HPS) is governed by a number of policies and it is the responsibility of the Committee of Management (COM) to ensure that these policies:

  • meet the needs of the staff, parents/guardians, committee, children and community;
  • reflect both the values and beliefs of HPS and current thinking; and
  • are relevant in terms of current laws, legislation and regulations.

These policies are therefore regularly reviewed and updated by the COM to ensure that HPS:

  • meets all legislative & regulatory requirements;
  • reflects best practice in the early childhood sector; and
  • reflects changes in the early childhood sector such as the introduction of the information technology.

A complete set of our policies are located in the foyer of the kindergarten and can be accessed by parents/guardians at any time. Alternatively, click on the links below to view the policies on-line.  Any questions regarding our policies and procedures should be directed to a member of the Committee of Management.:

1.1-Curriculum Development Policy


2.1-Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy


2.2 Administration of First Aid Policy




2.4 Anaphylaxis Policy


2.5-Asthma Policy




2.8 Dealing with Medical Conditions Policy


2.9 Delivery and Collection of Children Policy


2.11 Diabetes Policy




2.13-Epilepsy Policy


2.15-Food Safety Policy


2.16-Hygiene Policy


2.17-Incident Injury Trauma and Illness Policy


2.19-Relaxation and Sleep Policy




2.21-Supervision of Children Policy


2.22 Water Safety Policy


3.2-Environmental Sustainability Policy


3.1-Occupational Health and Safety Policy


4.1 Code of Conduct Policy


4.2-Determining Responsible Person Policy


4.3 Participation of Volunteers and Students Policy


6.1-Enrolment and Orientation Policy


7.1-Fees Policy


7.4-Information and Communication Technology Policy


7.5 Privacy and Confidentiality Policy




Sun Smart Policy

Hurlingham is a Sun Smart accredited centre and to maintain this accreditation we have a policy – NO HAT, NO OUTSIDE PLAY.