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A policy is an agreed set of decisions with a common purpose that provides information about what we do/do not do and, in some cases, what we cannot do. Hurlingham Pre-School (HPS) is governed by a number of policies and it is the responsibility of the Committee of Management (COM) to ensure that these policies:

  • meet the needs of the staff, parents/guardians, committee, children and community;
  • reflect both the values and beliefs of HPS and current thinking; and
  • are relevant in terms of current laws, legislation and regulations.

These policies are therefore regularly reviewed and updated by the COM to ensure that HPS:

  • meets all legislative & regulatory requirements;
  • reflects best practice in the early childhood sector; and
  • reflects changes in the early childhood sector such as the introduction of the information technology.

A complete set of our policies are located in the foyer of the kindergarten and can be accessed by parents/guardians at any time. Alternatively, click on the links below to view the policies on-line.  Any questions regarding our policies and procedures should be directed to a member of the Committee of Management.

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations Policy 2019

Administration of First Aid Policy 2019

Administration of Medication Policy 2017

Anaphylaxis Policy 2019

Asthma Policy 2019

Child Safe ENVIRONMENT Policy 2018

Child Safety Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Policy 2017

Complaints and Grievances Policy 2017

Curriculum Development Policy 2018

Dealing with Infectious Diseases Policy 2019

Dealing with Medical Conditions Policy 2019

Delivery and Collection of Children Policy 2017

Determining Responsible Person Policy 2017

Diabetes Policy 2019

Emergency and Evacuation Policy 2018

Enrolment and Orientation Policy 2019

Environmental Sustainability Policy 2017

Epilepsy Policy 2019

Excursions and Service Events Policy 2018

Fees Policy 2018

Food Safety Policy 2017

Governance and Management of the Service Policy 2017

Hygiene Policy 2017

Incident injury trauma and Illness policy 2017

Inclusion and Equity Policy 2018

Interactions with Children Policy 2017

Nutrition, Oral and Active Play Policy 2018

Occupational Health and Safety Policy 2017

Participation of Volunteers and Students Policy 2017

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy 2018

Regulatory Overview Table for Policies

Relaxation and Sleep Policy 2018

Road Safety And Safe Transport Policy 2018

Staffing Policy 2018

Sun Protection Policy 2018

Supervision of Children Policy 2018

Water Safety Policy 2018


Sun Smart Policy

Hurlingham is a Sun Smart accredited centre and to maintain this accreditation we have a policy – NO HAT, NO OUTSIDE PLAY.