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Our Philosophy

Hurlingham Preschool strives to maintain high standards in all aspects of early years education as we embrace the ideal of continual improvement and the passion and dedication of our teaching team. Our guiding principles are:

Collaboration              Commitment                Community


At Hurlingham:

  1. Educators and families collaborate to provide an engaging, innovative, caring and fun learning environment in which every one of our children is encouraged to flourish as an individual, as a pupil, as a friend and group contributor;
  1. We are committed to providing high quality care and education – guided by the values of inclusion, empathy, self-reliance, positivity, curiosity and communication – to nurture the healthy development of our children;
  2. Our community celebrates and respects diversity: we draw upon the expertise and life experiences of our educators and families, reinforcing a sense of identity in our children, and establishing foundations from which to grow

Philophy tree

Our philosophy can be visually expressed using the concept of a tree. From the foundation or roots of family life, cultural traditions and the experience of belonging to a community Hurlingham Preschool assists in every child’s social, emotional and cognitive development by providing a rich, safe and engaging learning environment. Growth is guided by our values of inclusion, empathy, self-reliance, positivity, curiosity and communication. At the conclusion of their time at Hurlingham Preschool we aim to produce children who have formed meaningful relationships with educators and contemporaries, are confident and ready to transition to school. They will have a sense of community and the role they can play in it, and a desire to learn and explore that will last a lifetime.