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Incursions and Excursions

We love visitors or to get out and about!

We believe Excursions and Incursions (visitors to the Preschool) are an exciting way to enhance the program.

We vary our excursions and incursions every year depending on the needs and interests of our children, but some recent examples are trips to the Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks, Cranbourne Gardens, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the National Gallery of Victoria.

Visitors to the kindergarten might cover aspects of the program such as drama, music, health, gardening and cooking, science and nature, road safety and pet care.  Recent visitors include live animals, Indigenous educators, actors, drum teachers, dentists and even a police officer and his car!

We love to go for local walks to Hurlingham and Landcox Parks as well, or to one of our feeder schools, Gardenvale Primary or St Finbar’s Primary Schools.

Parents will be asked to sign a consent form before an excursion and a general request for help with supervision on the day may be made. Parents are always welcome to be part of these experiences.

The cost of these special events is included in your fees.