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Victorian legislation (No Jab, No Play) requires all children to be fully immunised for their age at the time of Kindergarten enrolment. For further information, please refer to www.mvec.vic.edu.au/immunisation-references/no-jab-no-play/ or contact the Immunisation Nurse at Bayside City Council on 9599 4755.

Enrolment to kindergarten will require evidence of your child’s immunisation status.

To obtain an Immunisation History Statement:

The Medicare logo and Australian Government crest must be present and identifiable to be considered a valid Immunisation History Statement. For example, if the statement is page two of a letter from Medicare, both pages need to be presented to the service to confirm enrolment.

Overseas records are unacceptable documentation for enrolment and need to be assessed by a GP or Immunisation Nurse. Once the child’s records have been reviewed and updated by their GP, they can request an updated Immunisation History Statement from AIR for the purpose of enrolling at an education and care service.

Other  records  such  as  those  showing  “Homeopathic  Immunisations”  or  a  statutory declaration of conscientious objection from parents are not acceptable for enrolment.

Hurlingham must be provided with a copy of your AIR statement (ALL PAGES) for any enrolment to be finalised.