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Healthy Eating Guidelines and Nude Food

We promote healthy eating at Hurlingham preschool, and all children bring their own healthy snacks and lunch (depending on hours). We are a nut free preschool.

Why are healthy lunches/snacks promoted at kinder?

 There’s nothing wrong with an occasional treat, we all love a homemade biscuit or cake, but when you multiply it by up to 22 in a group, it becomes difficult to explain to the children that these treats are only ‘sometimes’ foods when they are seeing them every day.

This is why we ask all our families to embrace the healthy food only policy when you are packing your child’s lunches or snacks and for your understanding when treat foods remain in lunchboxes to be consumed at home. It’s also a wonderful way to establish good lunchbox habits to take them to school.

Healthy eating is best practise

Just as we do with physical education, water and road safety, caring for the environment, promoting kindness and respect, we are always educating the children about best practice. Healthy eating is best practice.

As the national framework (EYLF) states: “Good nutrition is essential to healthy living and enables children to be active participants in play. Early childhood settings provide many opportunities for children to experience a range of healthy foods and to learn about food choices from educators and other children.”

In accordance with the framework, Educators are asked to embed healthy food and nutrition in the program. We welcome your support and understanding in promoting healthy food only coming to kinder except of course, for birthday cupcakes and cakes as birthdays are definitely treat occasions!

Nude Food

In line with our principles of sustainability and ‘refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle’, we encourage families to embrace a culture of nude food and send lunch and snacks without any plastic rubbish. Fruit and veggie scraps can be fed to Ruby or our worm farm by the children.