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Enrolment Forms

Please note:  The following Enrolment Forms are only relevant for parents who have formally Accepted a position with Hurlingham Preschool and paid a Confirming Fee. If you have not been offered a position but are looking to enrol at Hurlingham Preschool please call HPS enrolments on 0426 206 202 to discuss if there are currently any vacancies.

For all new HPS parents in 2018 please see the links below to download your Enrolment Pack.  As part of our environmental sustainability focus we are reducing paper in our enrolments process, therefore we have created interactive forms to be completed easily via your computer, including a Digital ID/eSignature capability.  Alternatively you can still print the documents, complete by hand, and return a scanned copy via email. Either way, all documents are to be completed and returned via email to enrolments@hurlinghampreschool.org.au.

These documents are due back to us by Friday 17th November.  Please call enrolments if you have any queries regarding this on 0426 206 202.


Please follow these important instructions in order to complete the forms available for download below;

1) The Enrolment Pack must be UNZIPPED and SAVED to your computer before you can start completing the forms.

2) You must use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete these documents. Apple computers and any PC’s that don’t have Adobe installed may default to a non compliant PDF reader which will impact certain functionality such as Digital ID/eSignatures. This will mean you will then have to print the documents in order to sign them. Adobe Acrobat is commonly used and is FREE software. It can be downloaded via this link if you don’t already have it; https://get.adobe.com/reader/

3) These documents have an eSignature/Digital ID field, which allows for a TEXT base signature instead of printing and signing. If you have not used this feature before Adobe will open a window with prompts to set this up. If you need assistance with this we have a provided a HELP document called “Digital ID_eSignature Instructions” which takes you through the short process using step by step instructions and images. This setup will only happen the first time you click in this field, and once completed will allow you to automatically sign documents quickly and easily going forward. If you have restrictions on this feature for any reason (ie. at work), you can still print this document once completed, sign by hand, then scan and send it back via email.

4) In addition, and only if relevant, Appendices A – D should ONLY be completed by parents where additional information is required (as referenced in the Confidential Enrolment Form). Should this be the case, the relevant documents should be completed to the best of your ability, and these will then be reviewed with you in conjunction with the teachers at Orientation. Some will then need to be printed and signed by a medical practitioner, but we would recommend discussing with teachers first to ensure they have been completed correctly.

Enrolment Pack Download

The enrolment pack is a zipped file which consists of the following documents to be completed by parents/guardians as follows;

  1. Confidential Enrolment Form 2018
  2. Permissions & Consent Form 2018
  3. Fee Policy (Enrolments) 2018
  4. General information Sheet 2018
  5. Extended Care Enrolment Form 2018
  6. Digital ID/eSignature Instructions

Download the zipped file:  Hurlingham-Enrolment-Pack.zip

Appendices Download

These documents only need to be downloaded if your child has a relevant medical condition as outlined in the “Confidential Enrolment Form” included in the Enrolment Pack above.

Appendix A: Allergy Risk Management Plan 2018.pdf Appendix B: Anaphylaxis Risk Management Plan 2018.pdf Appendix C: Asthma Action Plan 2018.pdf Appendix D: Communication Plan 2018.pdf


Information Night


We are holding an ‘HPS Parents of 2018’ Information Night (PARENTS ONLY) on Wednesday 29th of November 2017 at 7.30pm at the Kindergarten (doors open at 7.15pm). On this night we will cover the following:

  • Orientation dates & times for yourself and your child for 2018
  • Teachers Q & A on the class programs, education framework and policies of the kindergarten
  • Learn about the various Committee roles and meet other parents
  • Receive your children’s Orientation activity book. The larger parent’s version will be supplied via a web link. If you would prefer hard copy please advise via email and we will print one for you to pick up on this night.


At the beginning of Term 1 every child and parent must attend a short orientation session which will be scheduled sometime between Tuesday 30th January and Monday 5th February 2018.  The orientation process comprises of smaller group sessions on a reduced timetable over the first couple of weeks, along with an individual meeting.  This allows the teacher to get to know you and your child better before full class size and duration begin.  You will be provided with the date and time of your orientation on the Information night.