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FAQs for Bayside City Council (BCC) Central Registration System

How are places allocated in the BCC Online system?

Where there are more applicants than places available, applicants will be selected based on clearly defined criteria in order to create equitable access for children applying for kindergarten in Bayside. You can view this criteria here.

The application classification criteria include Continuity and Proximity. Each of these criteria will be allocated a weighting. An applicant will not be excluded from applying or selection because they do not meet one or all of the classification criteria. Where enrolments exceed requests and criteria are equal, a ballot for places will take place.

The registration form requires the applicant to agree that the information provided is true and correct and gives permission for Council to verify information supplied on the registration form if deemed necessary.

If you have any queries in regards to this procedure, please phone Bayside Council on 03 9599 4733.  Note: Neither Kindergarten Enrolment Officers nor Council staff are able to comment on the probability of offers as the selection process is run through the Council online system and unknown until round offers are made.

 Priority of access

The service is designed to ensure equitable access for all eligible children whose families reside in Bayside or are within a 1km radius of a participating kindergarten.  The process prioritises access for children who are vulnerable, at risk, or have a disability in accordance with current State and Commonwealth Funding legislation. All other places are offered in accordance with these guidelines.

For information on priority of access eligibility, visit the Department of Education’s website at https://www.education.gov.au/priority-allocating-places  

My child currently attends the 3 year old group at Hurlingham, will they automatically receive a spot in the 4 year old group via the BCC Online system?

The council have now allocated a 70% weighting to any current 3 year old children as part of the “Continuity” classification criteria.  As Hurlingham have two 4 year old groups this basically guarantees a position the following year.  However please note you will still need to apply for 4 year old kindergarten in the online system to receive this weighting.

Can I register for both 3 and 4 year old kindergarten at the same time in the BCC online system?
No.  A separate application with Bayside Council must now be made each kindergarten year for your child.  This is to avoid the complications that arose through the change of contact details and preferences over a 12 month period.

How many kindergartens can I select in my application?

You are able to choose a primary and secondary kindergarten in your registration with BCC.  Each year Hurlingham advises the Council how many places are available for each group for the following year. Please note that due to Hurlingham Preschool’s popularity those applicants who list our kindergarten as their second preference are unlikely to receive an offer at Hurlingham Preschool in the Council rounds.

It is also important for you to note that if you receive an offer from Council for your second preference, whether you accept or not, you will be removed from Council’s waiting list. If our kinder is listed as your first preference and you are still wishing to receive a late offer, you must advise Family Services that you would like to remain on our waiting list.  For more information please contact Hurlingham Pre-School’s Enrolment Officer: enrolments@hurlinghampreschool.org.au or 0426 206 202 or call family services at council directly on 03 9599 4733

Do I get sibling preference in the BCC online system?

Yes. For 3YO and 4YO enrolments, sibling preference is applicable as part of the Bayside City Council Continuity classification criteria. Siblings must have attended the kindergarten in the previous 3 years to be eligible for an additional 20% weighting.

Where families have siblings attending both 3 year old and 4 year old kindergartens in the same year and have been allocated a place for one sibling, they will be allocated an additional 40% weighting.  This guarantees them a position at Hurlingham as we have two 4 year old groups.  Please refer to the Council Criteria Classification  document for further information.

Can I change my registration details after submitting with Council?

BCC now provides a Kindergarten Parent Portal where applicants can make changes to applications or amend preferences during the registration period which ends on the 30th June.

Changes received during the offer period

Only changes that do not affect the preferences or application classification will be accepted and processed during the offer period.

Where an applicant requests changes to their information that affects the preferences or application classification during the offer period, it will be considered on a case by case situation, and referred to the BCC Family Services Project Team Leader for a decision under exceptional circumstances.

Am I able to cancel my registration?

Where an applicant no longer wants to be considered for a kindergarten place they may cancel their registration via the Parent Portal. The registration fee is forfeited.

Can I defer an Offer of kindergarten place once made by the council?

Families cannot elect to defer an offer during the rounds of offer.   An offer can either be accepted or rejected at the time it is offered.

General Enrolment FAQ’s

Does my child need to be immunised?

Yes. By the ‘No Jab, No Play’ law, your child’s enrolment at Hurlingham cannot be finalised unless you have provided evidence that your child is:

  • up to date with vaccinations for their age OR
  • on a vaccine catch-up schedule OR
  • has a medical condition preventing them from being fully immunised

Conscientious objection is not a valid exemption.

An Immunisation History Statement from the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) is the only type of immunisation record accepted by early childhood and care services for the purposes of confirming enrolment and must be provided within the two months prior to the child starting at the service.

The Medicare logo and Australian Government crest must be present and identifiable to be considered a valid Immunisation History Statement. For example, if the statement is page two of a letter from Medicare, both pages need to be presented to the service to confirm enrolment.

Please refer to our Immunisation Requirements  page for more information

Who manages the Waitlist information throughout the year?

After the completion of all rounds by Bayside City Council and all acceptances and declines have been completed via the Kindergarten Parent Portal , a Waitlist is generated and emailed to each kindergarten for them to manage. However, please note that any applicants who are made a late offer by Hurlingham, must still register with Bayside City Council before their enrolment can be processed.

My child turns three in the middle of the year. Can they start 3-Year Old kinder then?
Children enrolling for a 3 year old program must have turned 3 by the 31st January in the year they attend. In exceptional circumstances, a child who turns 3 in February or March of the year they wish to attend, may be considered for a place if a vacancy remains after the conclusion of the central registration process, but they cannot commence until they have turned 3. Contact Bayside Council Family Services to discuss your options and eligibility. Please read the section ‘How to gauge your child’s readiness’ for kindergarten.  


Three year old enrolments cannot be deferred once the offer has been accepted. If a family decides not to commence the year or to withdraw once the child has commenced, a new application will need to be submitted for the following year and will not be eligible for additional weighting related to a year of attendance.

Four year old deferrals are only available for children who commence at the kindergarten and withdraw before April 30th.


Requests to repeat three year old kindergarten are only considered for children with additional needs or disadvantage. These repeats will require documentary support from the kindergarten teacher and will be approved on a case by case basis by the Family Services Project Team Leader.

A repeat four year old year occurs where a child is assessed by the teacher or another early childhood professional as having delayed development identified in two or more areas and has been approved as eligible for a second year of funded kindergarten by the DET.

For information regarding receiving a second year of 4 year old funded kindergarten please visit www.education.vic.gov.au

Where a child is not approved as eligible for a second year of funded kindergarten they will not be offered a kindergarten place until all applicants eligible for a funded kindergarten place have been offered places. In this case the child will need to be self-funded during the repeat year as they will not receive a government subsidy, increasing the term costs significantly.

Multiple births and blended families

Where possible, multiple births and siblings from blended families who will attend kindergarten during the same period will be kept together.

FAQ’s – Hurlingham Group/Session Information

How many 3 year old groups are there at Hurlingham?

One 3 year old group is available called Echidna.  Please refer to our current timetable by clicking here.

What groups are available for 4 year old kindergarten at Hurlingham?

There are two groups available to choose from; Koala and Wombat.  Please refer to our current timetable by clicking here

What is the Extended Care Group?

We have an optional Extended Care program called Platypus on Fridays from 1.30pm – 4.30pm (at an additional term cost).  This is open to ALL Hurlingham families (across 3 & 4 year old groups) with enrolments being taken after Round 3, once all Acceptances have been finalised.  As this session follows directly on from a Koala session, it also provides the Koala group with an opportunity for a full day of care on Fridays. For more information please click here.

What you need to confirm your enrolment with Hurlingham:

Documentary evidence needs to be uploaded when submitting your Group Preference Form with Hurlingham Preschool. You will need:

  • Immunisation Status History (follow link for what documents are accepted);
  • Online applications require direct debit/credit card details for payment.

How can I make sure we get our preferred 4YO session time?
Hurlingham Preschool has a specific process to ensure group allocation is a fair and equitable process.  Parents with a strong preference for a particular group / session times are therefore urged to familiarise themselves with the Group Preference Form process, times and dates outlined here,  and prepare any documentation ahead of time.

Group Preference forms sent earlier than the time specified (7am) will not be considered received until the following day, or should be resent again after the 7am opening time.  Additionally, Group Preference forms without the required documentation and paid confirming fee will not be accepted.

Why do I need to pay a $100 Confirming fee with my Group Preference Form?

There are limited positions at Hurlingham preschool and most years we are oversubscribed. If you have accepted an offer you need to secure your spot with your confirming fee.  Your position will be re allocated to another family in the next round if this has not been received.

If I withdraw from the program before the year has been completed, will I be refunded the $100 Confirming fee or any other fees already paid?
If a child does not commence the year or is withdrawn during the year, any monies paid, including the $100 fee will not be refunded.

When will I be informed which 4YO session time I have been allocated?
You will be notified of your session time by the end of September, once Council has completed all three rounds of offers and responses to those offers have been received and we have received all Group Preference Forms.

If I didn’t get my preferred 4YO session time, is it possible that I still may?
Yes. All successful applicants who didn’t get their preferred session time are placed on that session waiting list. As vacancies arise, the waiting list is consulted until all vacancies are filled.