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Program for Four Year Old Groups- Koala and Wombat

To develop the Four Year Old Group Program our educators draw on their knowledge of Early Childhood Development education philosophies and teaching practices.  The program has been inspired by many philosophies and theorists such as Reggio Emilia’s curriculum theory, Lev Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory, Jean Piaget’s developmental theory and the Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences.








The program focuses on play as the main vehicle for learning. It also offers a range of exciting experiences related to maths, science, social studies, literacy, the arts (visual art, drama, dance, creative movement), cooking, gardening and physical education to stimulate and extend each child’s learning.

Through the many experiences provided at the kindergarten, the children will develop in all areas, including social and emotional, physical (fine and gross motor), intellectual and language. The program aims to inspire young minds to develop a love of learning. Children are encouraged to become aware, enquiring and independent.

The program provides flexibility and offers a diverse range of learning experiences to accommodate the children’s individual interests and group interests as they arise. We value collaborative learning where children and educators work together and learn from each other. This is done through individual, small group and whole group experiences.

To extend knowledge and learning, excursions, walks, entertainers and visitors to the kinder are organised throughout the year. We invite parents to share their interests, skills, hobbies or profession to enhance the children’s experiences and learning.


The children’s natural ability to inquire is fostered and children and staff work together in a collaborative team to explore and investigate areas of interest that are meaningful to the children.

Self-esteem and confidence building is a priority of the program. When children have developed positive feelings about themselves and are willing to “have a go”, they are able to learn and develop to the maximum potential.



The teachers take children through the fundamentals of being a member of a group – respecting the rights of others as well as having the confidence to express themselves.













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